Ergonomic baby carrier – how to identify

There are a lot of baby carriers in the market, with different shapes, colors and materials and it is not always easy for a mother or father to see if that item they saw in a store or magazine is the best choice for their baby.

First its important to know about the benefits of carrying your baby, both physically and emotionally, and to realize that being carried is a basic need, as important as eating.

Then you must know the rules of safety, the importance of respecting the physiology of the baby and make sure that the baby carrier you choose is ergonomic.

There are many points where you can see if you are in the presence of an ergonomic equipment, but there are some more obvious than others. In this image I pointed out 3 to start with.



Still have questions about babywearing? You received a babycarrier as a present and don’t know if it is ergonomic? Want to give it a try but don’t know where to start?

A babywearing consultation can be a great help to try out various options and learning how to use them correctly.

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Written by Ana Custódio, doula, breastfeeding consultant, babywearing consultant

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