What is a Doula and what is her work?

doula is a professional trained to give continuous support to the couple during pregnancy, labour and immediate postpartum.

doula helps you to overcome fears, anxiety; helps to discover what you have inside yourself and shows that you are able to do it.

Provides you comfort during labour and birth, as well as to your partner and other family members that may be present.

The doula focus on you, on what you feel, on your emotions and physical sensations, leaving health professionals work on what concerns them, your and your baby health.

Commits to support you in the acquisition of scientific evidence based information about the physiology and nature of birth and makes sure that the choices you make are really the ones you want.

Helps woman and her partner to prepare a birth plan and to concretize it, as much as possible.

Recognises that a woman is the protagonist of her childbirth and that it is important that the power of decision is in her hands. For that a doula makes communication easier between you and your partner, as well as between you and the health professionals.

doula remains at your side during all labour and birth.

The doula supports choices, informs, and ensures that the delivery experience is as satisfying and happy as possible. Its mission is to help build and

protect the memories of childbirth, as this is an event of life and for life, that you will save and remember forever as if it had been yesterday.

How can I help you?

  • Help in the preparation of the Birth Plan
  • Support in choosing the place of birth - including follow-up visits and referrals of professionals / services
  • Information on physiology and anatomy of labor
  • Information on how to recognize the signs of the body during pre labor and during this
  • Information about the function of pain in labor and how to deal with it
  • Information on clinical hospital procedures
  • Supporting the partner in labor
  • Information about breastfeeding and the baby's first hours of life
  • Relaxation massage for pregnancy and childbirth
  • Exercises and postures recommended for pregnancy and childbirth
  • Practical support with breastfeeding / baby feeding
  • Babywearing consultation


. 3 sessions during pregnancy to work all the doubts that exist, to elaborate birth plan, foster confidence in all the process, support the information demand. (Duration up to 4 hours each)

. Total availability during all childbirth to be at your side, supporting you emotionally and physically, providing measures of comfort, pain relief and facilitators of well-being. (total availability from 37 weeks and onset of labor and up to about 3 hours after birth - follow-up at the location chosen by the pregnant / couple)
. 1 postpartum sessions to support early breastfeeding, protect mother and baby environment, and promote trust as Mother and Father.
. You can book 1 or 2 more sessions (pre or post partum) if necessary.

If you are pregnant and looking for a doula, contact me and I will be happy to arrange a meeting with you to meet and decide if I am the right doula for you.






INTERVIEW (up to 45 minutes - Lagos) - FREE

COMPLETE DOULA SERVICE  (pregnancy, birth and postpartum): 450.00€

* Travel up to 100km included (total of all sessions and birth), from this adds 0,30€/km (from Budens, Vila do Bispo)

PREGNANCY AND POSTPARTUM DOULA SERVICE (3 session before birth  and 1 after birth): 250.00€

1 SESSION WITH DOULA (up to 4 hours ): 50.00€*

*adds 0,30€/km (from Budens, Vila do Bispo)

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