Diaper rach – the natural tip you must try!

Diaper rash can have many causes.
Acidic pees or diarrhea, heat, allergy to the diaper, a new tooth … but whatever the cause, mallows can be a great help.

Mallows have healing properties.

Emulient – helps moisturize the skin and restore dryness
Anti inflammatory

Our tip

When changing the diaper use some compresses soaked in mallows water to clean the baby

How to do:
– Boil the mallows for about 5 minutes
– Leave to cool with the leaves in the water
– Use water to clean the baby bottom
– Store the rest of the water in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

Try it and tell us if it worked!

Written by:  Ana Custódio, WHO-UNICEF breastfeeding counselor, lactation counselor, doula, babywearing consultant, certified trainer, mother of 6 breastfed children 

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