Birth and breastfeeding course

For those who want to know everything, before everything happens

We believe that information generates trust and allows us to make conscious choices.

Breastfeeding is something that most pregnant women want. But many mothers and fathers feel lost in the immediate postpartum, with conflicting information from various sources. Knowing the benefits of breastfeeding does not come when difficulties arise. And breastfeeding is not always easy, not always the beginning is what you dream. Knowing what to expect and how to overcome it simplifies everything.

This program is for:
All pregnant women on the 2nd trip (or 3rd, 4th ...) who consider not having had the experience they wanted previously and want a different story,
And it's for first-time pre-moms who want to learn and get evidence-based information to realize their goals.

We recommend that it be started up to 34 weeks of gestation and that the father participates.


- Pregnancy: time to think, learn and live
- The Birth: where everything ends
- The new born baby in its habitat
- The Perfect Team: Mother, Father and Baby


Postpartum Breastfeeding Consultation
We believe that early support is the key to living a happy breastfeeding experience!
This session, in the immediate postpartum (up to 2/3 weeks after the birth), will allow clarification of all doubts that arise at the moment, convey and reinforce confidence in the ability to nurture and care for the baby, identify early problems so that they can be quickly overcome.
It is an individual, personalized session with the duration up to 3 hours.


Facilitator: Ana Custódio, WHO-UNICEF breastfeeding counselor, lactation counselor, doula, babywearing consultant, certified trainer, mother of 6 breastfed children



Prenatal (2 sessions) + postpartum (1 session): 120,00 €
Adds 0.30 € / km


Prenatal (2 sessions) + postpartum (1 session): 120,00 €

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