Babywearing consultation

Babywearing is a way to carry the baby, which allows to respond to the needs of babies and caregivers in different situations.

With this service, you will have access to theoretical and practical information, through a certified consultant, on how to carry the baby safely, comfortably and pleasantly.

You can try out different types of ergonomic baby carriers to see which one is best for you and your baby.

What to expect from a babywearing consultation?

  • Babywearing: when and why?
  • Correct use and safety conditions.
  • Types of baby carriers and how to choose the most appropriate to your needs and the development of the baby.
  • Try different types of ergonomic baby carriers.
  • Clarification  of doubts and specific difficulties in use.
  • Follow-up on the doubts that arise.

With the use of baby carriers, especially when starting or experimenting with a new type, it is natural that some doubts and difficulties arise - for everything an adaptation is necessary.

We can help, exemplify, practice with tutoring, giving feedback and information so that you are perfectly autonomous and able to use the baby carrier of your choice.



Individual: 35,00€

  • Domicile: In addition to these values € 0.30 / km. (starting point, Budens, Vila do Bispo)
  • Online

Group: 25,00€/couple (min 2 / maximum 5 couples)

  • Domicíle: In addition to these values € 0.30 / km. (starting point, Budens, Vila do Bispo)
  • In Lagos - Até à Lua shop
  • Online

Payment up to 24 hours before the consultation:

  • Bank transfer
  • MBWay  

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