Breastfeeding Support


We believe that most of breastfeeding difficulties can be overcome and that most mothers and babies can enjoy this type of relationship and the many benefits it represents for both.

When problems or doubts arise, the earlier the intervention, the greater the possibility of finding a balance for all.

For these situations or when you feel you need an extra dose of confidence:

  • We go to your house to talk with you;
  • Listen to your doubts and fears and clarify all questions;
  • We will assess the reason for any difficulties you may have in breastfeeding;
  • And outline strategies with you to help you achieve your goals.

In addition to home visits, it is also possible to schedule consultations in Lagos or online sessions.

Contact us if you are worried about ...

Baby weight

Baby weight

  • Do not gain weight or little increasement
  • Lost more than 10% of initial weight
  • Lost weight after 2 weeks of life or after having recovered
  • You fear that weight gain is not adequate
  • Indication to supplement the feeds
Painful breastfeeding

Painful breastfeeding

  • Pain when baby breastfeeds and / or between feedings
  • Hurt and / or sore nipples
  • Hard, painful, inflamed breast (hot and / or red)
  • Recurrent mastitis or blocked ducts
  • The baby bites during the feeding
  • After the feeding you feel pain and the nipple is whitish and / or flattened
Difficult feeds

Difficult feeds

  • The baby is agitated during the feeding, cry and / or seems to refuse the breast
  • Extremely drowsy baby who falls asleep frequently during the feed
  • Use of silicone nipples
  • The baby has difficulty latching on the breast.
Milk Production

Milk Production

  • You feel that the baby does not get enough milk;
  • You think you have too little milk;
  • You want to know how to increase milk production;
  • You have a hyperlactation problem (overabundant milk supply)
Special situations

Special situations

  • Prematurity
  • Breastfeeding twins
  • Mother or baby illness
  • You stopped breastfeeding and you want to do it again (relactation technique)
  • Do you want to breastfeed an adopted baby?
  • You are giving extra artificial milk and want to breastfeed exclusively
Older babies

Older babies

  • You want to express milk for when you go back to work
  • Want to know how and when to introduce other foods without compromising breastfeeding
  • How to prevent an early weaning
  • Stop breastfeeding or slow the feeding rhythm



  1. Each consultation lasts 2 to 3 hours - includes observation of a full baby's feeding and clarification of all issues that were the reason for the contact.
  2. Material that may be needed included.
  3. Includes 3 months membership in the group "O bebé nasceu, e agora?", follow-up and group sessions to answer your questions
  4. Customers Amamenta Algarve (who previously had at least 1 service / workshop in the last 6 months) have a discount of 10 euros.
  5. Any question / difficulty in payment, contact us.

2 breastfeeding consultations + follow up by phone / email + 3 months of membership: 119 euros *

* Adds travel expenses, 0.30 € / km counting  from Budens (Vila do Bispo)
In case of being held only one consultation the value of this is € 65

1 session of clarification on how to breastfeeding and return to work: 50 euros
1 session of clarification on how to  breastfeeding and introduction of new foods: 50 euros


2 breastfeeding consultations + OFFER 1 follow up by phone / email: 119 euros
1 session of clarification on how to breastfeeding and return to work: 50 euros
1 session of clarification on how to  breastfeeding and introduction of new foods: 50 euros

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